12/20 Morning News
TV Studio
Thursday, December 20, 2018



“The newly formed WB Community Theatre is looking for singers for caroling at the WB Life Care Center on Saturday December 22 at 2PM. Music will be provided. If you are interested, please contact the WB Community Theatre via its Facebook page. The group would be happy to sign off on Community or NHS hours if applicable.”

Calling all actors, singers, dancers and tech:  Musical Season is almost here! The drama club will be presenting this year’s spring musical “MAMMA MIA!” in April and want YOU to be part of the show.  There will be an informational meeting on Wednesday, December 19th at 2:10 in the auditorium, and auditions will take place after break on January 7th. This could be your time to shine and be part of an incredible experience.  See Mrs. Brogna with any questions.

There will be NO debate practice today - practice will resume on the regularly scheduled days when we return from break.


Jane McNulty Framingham State University

Attention Junior or Seniors - Community Service Opportunity

Ms. Keene at the Howard School is looking for a Jr. or Sr. girl to        mentor a grade 6 student once a week. Please stop by the Guidance Office if interested.  

Student Council is collecting Holiday cards to deliver to Boston Children’s Hospital - Everyone is welcome to make a card during this Powerblock this week. Completed cards can be brought to Room 204 and are due on Thursday 12/ 20.


There are multiple scholarships available in guidance at this time. Deadlines vary and some are coming up soon so grab some applications now in the Guidance Office.

PCC (Project Contemporary Competitiveness)

Applications are now available in the Guidance Office.  This program takes place at Stonehill College. A 6 week program begins June 30 thru August 10.  A 4 week program begins June 30 thru July 26. The application fee is $25.00 and applications must be dropped off in the guidance office by Wednesday, January 23.  Please contact guidance with any question s.

Do you like Holiday treats? Do you want to wish someone special Happy Holidays? Then purchase a candy cane for just $1 from members of the Spanish Honor Society during PB from now until December 20th. All candy canes will be delivered F block on Friday, December 21st. Be be sure to note what class the recipient of the candy cane will be during F block.

The morning crew is looking for someone to announce the sports results during this broadcast. If you have a pulse and desire to entertain and inform the millions of viewers of this here fine program, come on by the tv studio as soon as possible.

Any student interested in a 6 week crossfit style training program starting in January, please see Mrs. Cronin in room 205.

Ski and Ride Club members should go to the mandatory meeting being held on the Wednesday we get back during Power Block in the cafeteria. Again this is mandatory  

The Wildcat Cafe is serving grilled cheese and chicken soup on the hotline today. The grill is offering meatball subs and burgers and individual cheese pizzas are at the pizza station. The featured grab and go wraps are chicken bacon ranch and Mexican chicken cheddar with chips, salsa and sour cream. Warm funnel cakes, assorted breakfast sandwiches and bagels are available at break.

Anchors - And now for this month's Environmental Minute, here's Nick Sousa and some dumb-looking guy! (Intro montage plays) Pike:  Ho ho ho homies!  Mr. Pike and Nick here to drop some environmental knowledge and make your holidays both fun and enviro friendly! Nick: The holiday season often generates a tremendous amount of waste.  What can we do to help out? Pike:  Glad you asked, Nick!  One big problem is that most wrapping paper is not recyclable, so try using newspaper, reusable gift bags, or even something cool like a scarf or bandana! Nick:  Sweet idea, Mr. Pike.  You could also consider switching to LED Christmas lights.  They use way less energy. Pike:  Good call, Nick.  I was also thinking about the amount of electronics that get thrown out every year. They leach toxic metals into the soil, and that's no bueno.  If you're lucky enough to get a new phone or tablet this vacation, you should definitely recycle your old one at a retail store like Staples, instead of just tossing it out. Nick:  Another solid idea, Mr. Pike .   Here's one more for ya: if you don't need 2-day shipping from something like Amazon, then don't do it!  Often those rushed shipping methods are less efficient, and actually produce more carbon emissions to get to your house so fast.  A little patience goes a long way. Pike:  Word. Alright that'll do it for us.  Pike and Nick signing off, and wishing everyone happy holidays!