School dismissal begins at 3:00 p.m.

Half day dismissal begins at 12:00 noon

The following dismissal procedure will be strictly adhered.


Walker = a child who walks out the lobby door unsupervised and continues all the way home.Walkers who live in the North Elm and Hartshorn Road area may leave through the front door.Walkers who live in the Crescent St. area may use the back lobby door near the gym. A student walker does not board a vehicle that is on school property.
Parent Pickup = a child who is picked up by a driver in a car (regardless of whether or not he or she lives within walking distance). If you come into the school driveway in a vehicle and your child gets in the car – that is a Parent Pick Up. The driver of the car must follow the Parent Pickup (PPU) procedures.
Bus Students = a child who rides the bus home and boards through the front lobby door.

If your child rides the bus and is on occasion to be a “parent pick up”, please write a note and they will meet you at the back lobby door.

If your child is a “walker” but is on occasion to be a “parent pick up”, please write a note and your child will meet you at the back lobby door.

Children will not be allowed to leave through the front door unless they are, as defined above, walkers.

In order to dismiss over 275 children safely and efficiently, these rules will be followed consistently. If further consideration is needed, please call Mrs. Everett at 508 894-1240 and she will make an appointment for you to meet with Mrs. Goulet.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.