Strategic Planning is a process by which an organization constantly recreates itself and defines its preferred future state. In October 2001, a committee of enthusiastic volunteers came together to reorganize the strategic plan for the West Bridgewater Public School System. The committee included administrators, parents, students, teachers and other town residents. Action plans were written and are quickly falling into place. Each year new action plans will be written to achieve the goals. Members of the community are invited to join any of the sub-committees at any time.


The Mission of the West Bridgewater Public Schools is to work together with home and community to provide our students a safe environment in which to acquire the knowledge, skills and values needed for success in a diverse and global society of the 21st Century.


The West Bridgewater Public School System is a thriving community that fosters pride and achievement and is respected for its energetic and introspective cycle of success. We provide quality education in a safe environment working in partnership with parents and the community to achieve excellence. Students are provided with an educational foundation which allows them to fulfill their potential as individuals and contributing members of the community. We are a dynamic community that enables our students to reach their goals through challenge and personal growth.

GOAL#1: Increase Student Achievement Pre-K - 6
GOAL#2: Increase Student Achievement 7-12
GOAL#3: Upgrade and Maintain Buildings and Grounds
GOAL#4: Expand and Improve the Use of Technology
GOAL#5: Improve Student Wellness Across the District
GOAL#6: Ensure Effective Communications

For further information or to comment please contact the Superintendent's Office