West Bridgewater Middle-Senior High School is pleased to offer each student, grades 7-12, a Chromebook to use for educational purposes. It is the expectation that students bring their Chromebook to school each day, fully charged, and bring it to each class. It is also expected that students will take all necessary precautions to ensure that the chromebooks are secure, and in good working conditions at all times. Please review the attached documents and fill out the following before picking up your Chromebook:


  • All students will be required to pay an annual $25 technology fee.
  • This fee will cover only one of the following repairs of the chromebook:
    • Broken screens
    • Accidental keyboard damage
    • Damaged exterior/body
  • Subsequent damage to devices will incur a charge for the cost of repair. The device will not be returned to the student until the fee is paid. Payment can be made in cash or by check made out to West Bridgewater Public Schools.
    • Screens - $36
    • Keyboard - $60
    • Exterior top cover - $36
    • LCD Bezel - $20
    • Bottom Cover- $40
    • Full Replacement - $150
  • Any damage considered to be intentional will be charged prices listed above or, if necessary, full replacement of the device
  • Water/liquid damage resulting in complete failure of device will require full replacement of the chromebook ($150)
  • Keys removed from keyboards are considered intentional and will result in full replacement cost of the keyboard. ($60)
  • Stickers or labels are not allowed anywhere on the device. Any students with stickers found on the devices will be charged replacement cost of bezel, top cover or keyboard.
  • Students experiencing hardware failure (trackpad, screen not lighting, no boot) will have their device serviced without additional fees.
  • Replacement Chargers

    Replacement Chargers are not covered by your technology fee. If you need a replacement, one can be purchased for $15.  

  • For the newer G6 Chromebooks, which require a USB-C Charger, the cost will be $35 to replace. They are also available from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2PyioyO