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Tim McLaughlin

Tim McLaughlin, about 22 hours ago

Just a reminder that the next four school days- tomorrow, and next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday- will be early release! Howard gets out at 11:30!

Tim McLaughlin

Tim McLaughlin, 8 days ago

Bus four is on its route, but is running behind. Thank you for your patience!!

West Bridgewater Public Schools

West Bridgewater Public Schools , 21 days ago

FYI: here we go again...currently our schools have no power. We are going to have a 2 Hour delay. 11/1/19. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the power will be restored in time, but unfortunately if it is not we may have to cancel once again. I will keep you posted and truly apologize for this inconvenience.

John Collins

John Collins, 24 days ago

RLM, HOW, SSS - We have been informed by the bus company that Bus 1 and 4 may be up to 15 minutes late this morning 10/29



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