Please be advised that it is the policy of the West Bridgewater Schools that students who live within 1.5 miles of their respective school and want to ride the bus can do so on a Pay to Ride basis and only if there is enough space on the bus.  It is Lucini’s policy that we have to wait 2 weeks into the new school year to allow any additional riders. Students who are in Kindergarten are exempt from this rule. Please make sure to check the distance you live from each school your child will be attending to see if your child qualifies for the bus.  

The Pay to Ride cost for the 2023-2024 school year is $250. If your child does not qualify for the bus and you want them to ride the bus please contact your child’s school secretary for a Pay to Ride form. The school secretary will be in contact with Lucini’s and will let you know once they approve any additional riders and will contact you with all bussing information. 

Please contact your child’s school with any questions or concerns regarding this policy.  

2023 - 2024 Bus Routes

Updated 8/22/23