TEXT: 774-257-4212

**Note this is a new number as of 9/1/2020

  • This is not an emergency line. If there is an emergency the reporter should dial 911 or contact law enforcement immediately. This tip line is not designed to have an immediate response.
  • This tip line is designed to be accessed by students and parents if they feel there is a student safety issue that they need to alert school personnel or law enforcement. This could include issues that are occurring in school or outside of school that could affect the safety of an individual or group of students.
  • This tip line in no way replaces direct reporting of information to school personnel. Students and/or parents are still encouraged to come and speak with a trusted adult (teacher, school administrator, police officer, parent etc) and discuss any issues of student safety in person but if they do not feel comfortable doing this or are unable, they should use the tip line.
  • The text messages that are received will be forwarded to designated school administrators and school liaison officers. All tips that are received will be investigated in a timely manner. Please note that the tip line may not be monitored by school administration and/or school liaison officers after hours or over weekends, so please be mindful of the urgency of the information you are submitting. In addition, due to circumstances that may be beyond our control involving the nature of the internet and technological communications, we cannot guarantee 100% timely delivery or reception of the submitted information.
  • Text messages are private but not anonymous. If at any time the school administration and/or the school liaison officer believe that there is a need to gather more information, they may contact the sender of the message. Sometimes more information will be necessary to follow up on a particular text message to ensure the safety of all involved. Please provide as much information as possible when sending messages.
  • Please be advised that false reporting of information, providing prejudicial or defamatory information is prohibited. Any individual who knowingly provides false information, prejudicial or defamatory information will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Any misuse or abuse of this system is strictly prohibited. Making a false report to law enforcement is a serious offense and could be punishable by law.