Middle Senior High School

Julie Diedrichsen, Nurse Leader BSN, RN, NCSN
508-894-1220 x1305

Rose L. MacDonald School

Lynn Moniz BSN, RN, NCSN
508-894-1240 x4102

Howard School

Peggy Linskey BSN, RN, NCSN
508-894-1250 x3115

Spring Street School

Elizabeth Doten BSN, RN, NCSN
508-894-1230 x2118

School Physician
Kevin Murphy, M.D.
Pediatric Associates of Brockton



Our nursing staff is extremely committed to assisting students and families in achieving optimal health in both the school and home setting. We work closely with teachers and other staff members to ensure a healthy and safe educational environment for the students. Our nurses are very approachable and are great resources for both information and health related needs. We invite parents to call with any questions or concerns they may have.


Children should not attend school if they have any of the following:

  • A contagious illness such as influenza, chicken pox, or strep throat; a fever that causes chills, sweating & muscle aches; or a fever over 100.4ºF within past 24 hours.

  • Vomiting/diarrhea: May return to school if 24 hours after last episode. 

  • Red or pink itchy eyes with crusty and/or green/yellow drainage. May return to school when no drainage and/or on medication for 24 hours.

  • Head lice: May return after adequate nit removal and child has been checked by the school nurse upon reentry to school.

  • A rash of unknown cause: May return to school when doctor authorizes.

  • If they do not have all required immunizations mandated by MDPH.

  • Students with casts, slings or stitches must have a doctor’s note to return to physical education and recess.

  • A doctor’s note is required for admittance to school after 5 consecutive absences.

This list is a guideline. The school nurse reserves the right to dismiss students who, in her professional opinion, are possibly contagious or are too ill to be in school.


To ensure the health and safety of students needing medication in school:

  • Contact the school nurse before bringing in medication (including over the counter medications). Written orders from the licensed prescriber as well as written parental permission are needed prior to prescription and over the counter medication administration.

  • All medication must be delivered by a parent or responsible adult in the original prescription bottle or package.

  • The school nurse will administer all medications unless there is physician authorization to self-administer and the school nurse feels that it is safe for a student to do so. Parents may come to school to administer medications to their child if they choose.

  • No student is to carry any type of medication on his/her person unless given permission by the school nurse. All medication will be kept in the nurse’s office.

  • When deemed necessary, the school nurse will inform appropriate personnel of the potential benefits and side effects of the medication being administered

  • Medications are not administered on early dismissal days (except “as needed” meds i.e. inhalers, epipens, etc.)


Parent/Guardian Authorization

Licensed Prescriber Authorization

Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen (MSHS)


Physical Examinations

  • Current physical exam forms must be submitted to the school nurse for Kindergarten registration, prior to entering grades 4, 7, & 10, and for eligibility for sports.

School Screenings

  • Hearing: Grades K-3, 7, 10

  • Vision: Grades K-5, 7, 10

  • Postural: Grades 5-9

  • SBIRT: Grades 7 & 9

Hepatitis B







Child Care/ Preschool

3 doses

4 doses DTaP

3 doses

1 to 4 doses

1 dose 

1 dose 



3 doses

5 doses DTaP

4 doses


2 doses

2 doses


Grades 1-6

3 doses

5 doses DTaP

4 doses


2 doses

2 doses


Grades 7-12

3 doses

5 doses DTaP plus 1 dose Tdap

4 doses


2 doses

2 doses

1 dose for new full-time residential students