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3/25/21 - Important Return to School Information

WB Return Dates

  • Monday, April 5th - Kindergarten to Grade 6

  • Monday, April 12th - Grades 7-12

District-Wide Half Days - We will be having district-wide half days on the following dates (Wednesdays).  These half days follow the past school calendar with one per month and the dates are April 14, May 12, and June 2.  The dismissal time will follow the established dismissal schedule.

MSHS (Grades 7-12) Half Days - It was agreed that the MSHS students will have half days on the following dates (Wednesday). This is due to the MSHS teachers teaching both the students in person and students who are fully remote.  This model is different than the elementary model where there are still fully remote teachers for the remote students.  On these days the MSHS will dismiss at 11 am and the elementary schools will have a regular full day of school. The dates of the MSHS half-days are April 28, May 5, May 19, May 26, and June 9.  

Fully Remote - Students may be fully remote for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.  Families have indicated if they are choosing the fully remote option by completing the survey.  If a student is fully remote it is still possible for them to return to in-person learning. We ask that if the student is changing models the parent/guardian contact the school to discuss the transition process.

Quarantining and Absent Students - If a student needs to quarantining the parent and administration will create a plan for the students while they are out.  Specific information about the quarantine guidelines will also be discussed with the school nurse.  If a student is absent from school for any reason other than quarantining they will follow the same procedures and protocols as they have in the past when they are absent.

Spacing in Classes - Students may be seated at a minimum of 3 feet distance between students.  When space allows in many classrooms the spacing will be set at 4 feet.  The building administrators, teachers, and maintenance staff are working to get all the classrooms set up for the return dates.

Class Changes at the Elementary Level - Some student placements will need to be moved as we now add in another teacher to each grade level.  Placement letters will be mailed out by Friday this week to all elementary families.  There will be no changes at the MSHS.

Bus Transportation - Thank you to all who completed the bus transportation survey.  It does not seem as there will be any issues with overcrowding on our buses.  The schools will be sending a list of all students who are riding each bus to Lucini so they can create seating charts.  If you did not complete the survey but your child will be riding the bus please call the school.  With all returning to school we are all going to need to be patient with arrival and dismissal.  The principals are working with SRO Pope to ensure our procedures are safe for everyone.  

Lunch and Snack - The guidelines require 6 feet of distance when the students are eating.  Principals have been planning for this and have spaces set up to safely have everyone eating.  The teachers will be working with the students as they return on the new procedures.

Report Cards - All schools are still planning on posting Report Cards for Term 3 on Friday, April 16th.




  1. Frequent handwashing is the BEST way to prevent and combat the spread of germs! Wash hands often with soap and water or hand sanitizer.

  2. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use an elbow or arm if no tissue is available

  3. Do not share drinks, food or unwashed utensils

  4. Get plenty of rest, eat healthy foods and drink lots of water

  5. Avoid people that are sick and stay home when you are sick

  6. Disinfect surfaces that are prone to germs (phones, keyboards, doorknobs, toothbrushes, etc.)